Skye Works

Skyworks is a leading diversified construction company and property developer. Since the time Skyworks came into existance we have operated across a broad range of sectors that include residential, commercial, retail, industrial and civil infrastructure.


Skyworks has established a strong reputation for delivering quality and added value to all our projects.


Skyworks prides itself on innovative engineered solutions, with a personalised service and successful delivery.

Design and construct

The following snapshots are of current construction projects and previous projects completed by Skyworks Group Pty Ltd.
Civil and government
infrastructure projects

Skyworks Group has also performed the following Civil and Utility infrastructure projects. Skyworks Group is continuing to expand on the government infrastructure works within the last 2 years.
Engineering and
Project management

Over the last 7 years, the projects shown below have been successfully managed by the Directors of Skworks Group before the conception and formation of Skyworks Group.
Design Project Building Civil and government Engineering and